About Moldova

About Moldova

Wel­come to Moldo­va!

A coun­try with an inter­est­ing expres­sive his­to­ry, hos­pitable gen­er­ous peo­ple; a fer­tile land with the rich cul­tur­al her­itage. This coun­try, locat­ed in the mid­dle zone of var­i­ous cul­tur­al and his­tor­i­cal cur­rents in the south-east of the Cen­tral Europe – Carpatho-Balkan, Cen­tral Euro­pean and Euro-Asian, for many thou­sands years of his­to­ry, had har­mo­nious­ly absorbed dif­fer­ent cul­tur­al tra­di­tions and then cre­at­ed its own spe­cif­ic and unique fea­tures.

The state, with the pop­u­la­tion of about 3 mil­lion peo­ple, to which each sin­gle nation, liv­ing on its ter­ri­to­ry, brings its own flavour, was always con­sid­ered to be devel­op­ing in the right way, hon­or­ing those fam­i­ly val­ues, which were cul­ti­vat­ed for cen­turies in every home.

Being a small state, bor­der­ing with Roma­nia in the west , and then in the north, east and south with Ukraine, our small coun­try, has a true and sig­nif­i­cant poten­tial for the devel­op­ment of tourism, rep­re­sent­ed by the geo­mor­pho­log­i­cal fea­tures of the ter­ri­to­ry, includ­ing all mon­u­ments of the nat­ur­al beau­ty, land­scapes and nature reserves, as well as geo­log­i­cal mon­u­ments of Euro­pean and World­wide sig­nif­i­cance.

Moldo­va takes the most of the rivers Dni­ester and Prut, togeth­er with a nar­row strip the left bank of the Dni­ester Riv­er in its mid­dle and low­er streams. The sur­face of Moldo­va rep­re­sents a hilly flat­land, dis­sect­ed by riv­er val­leys. The land­scape main­ly con­sists of steppe grass, the hilly dis­tricts are ide­al for vine­yards and gar­dens. All river­sn of the Repub­lic of Moldo­va belong to the Black Sea basin.

The pos­i­tive cli­mate fea­tures of Moldo­va include a high tem­per­a­ture regime, the dura­tion of the sun shine.

In Moldo­va, 90% of the pop­u­la­tion pro­fess­es Ortho­doxy. How­ev­er, in there are two Ortho­dox metrop­o­lis in the coun­try – Bessara­bi­an and Moldovan. Reli­gious tra­di­tions of Ortho­doxy close­ly inter­twine with the Moldovan cul­ture, so that even those peo­ple who declare them­selves athe­ists con­tin­ue to par­tic­i­pate in the reli­gious fes­ti­vals of the coun­try, vis­it­ing the Church and cre­at­ing strong fam­i­lies, firm­ly tying them­selves togeth­er with the mat­ri­mo­ni­al knots.

To date, almost every fam­i­ly in Moldo­va has an aver­age of 2 chil­dren, which is a pos­i­tive trend, despite neg­a­tive demo­graph­ic indi­ca­tors in the world in gen­er­al. In this regard, over the past few years, many activ­i­ties were aimed at strength­en­ing the fam­i­ly units, cul­ti­vat­ing the cre­ation of strong cells of soci­ety, in which the main cri­te­rias are: respect, hon­esty, respon­si­bil­i­ty and love. World Con­gress of Fam­i­lies 2018 in Chisin­au, will become a sig­nif­i­cant event for cit­i­zens of the coun­try and guests of the cap­i­tal, unit­ed by com­mon thoughts, ideas and hope for a brighter future.

We are expect­ing to see you at the most await­ed event of the year!

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